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Coach King is a Master in Martial Arts and a leading authority in the minimalist approach to managing Wellness for your life! His book, "The Art of Being Well," describes the simple mindset needed to adopt a lifelong Wellness strategy.

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Marvin King

I’m happy to finally share the secrets of this amazing program that has been developed from over 50 years of trial, error, pain and study. The combined experience honed from many hours of teaching, training, practicing, and learning at the feet of experts across many diverse fields of knowledge and experience. Martial arts masters, Tai chi masters, Qigong masters, wellness coaches, kettlebell experts, strength coaches, movement specialist, runners, cancer patients, post hip replacement patients, post knee replacement patients, kick boxers, orthopedic doctors, arthritis sufferers, personal trainers, full contact fighters, extreme athletes, marathon coaches, and our amazing senior citizens, have all influenced the development of this program and have vouched for its effectiveness! The program works! It has helped many folks like you feel better, repair their bodies, and take back their lives.

About The


The Art of Being Well is a breath of fresh air for anyone who has struggled with staying on a consistent fitness routine. Marvin King recognizes that an effective Wellness plan starts with a good fitness plan but is about understanding, mindfulness, and finding your life balance, as well as teaching that fitness or exercise is not something you do but is more like something that is a part of you. Knowing how to use fitness in this way will provide a life balance that removes the inconvenience of exercise from your life and places you on an exciting lifelong Wellness journey. The book examines exercise selection and the 8 Dimensions of Wellness Wheel for developing a sustainable Wellness program. The mindfulness approach to exercise described in this book prevents overtraining, produces efficient Kettlebell movement patterns, taps into the long-term health benefits of Qigong, and maintains joint health with restorative Joint Mobility exercises from the ground up. Self Defense-Strategies center around violence prevention and the effective use of Shuai Chiao Kung Fu and combat Taiji Chuan to protect yourself.


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